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How to Obtain the Traveling Trowel

The Traveling Trowel is to be presented to the Lodge presiding in Onondaga District with the 2nd highest attendance score each year at the Grand Lecturer’s Convention held in Onondaga District.

Once awarded, the Lodge must present the Trowel to another Lodge within thirty (30) days at that Lodges normal/stated communication. If the Trowel is not presented to another Lodge within the required thirty (30) days, the Lodge that currently holds the Trowel will be assessed a fee of $25 paid to the Onondaga Masonic Districts Charities Inc.

In order to properly present the Trowel to another Lodge, the Presenting Lodge must have in its attendance, the Master, one of its Wardens, and 2 additional Brothers, for a total of 4.

When presented to another Lodge, the whereabouts must be communicated to the current presiding District Deputy Grand Master of Onondaga District.

Recent Movements of the Trowel