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How to Obtain the Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel is to be presented to the Lodge presiding in Onondaga District with the highest attendance score each year at the Grand Lecturer’s Convention held in Onondaga District.

The Traveling Gavel can be obtained from the lodge that it currently resides at by doing the following:

A total of 5 Brothers from the same lodge must attend a stated tiled communication at the lodge where the gavel currently resides at. Included in these 5 brothers must be:

     The Worshipful Master
     The Senior or Junior Wardens

In the event that there are multiple lodges that meet this criteria - then the visiting lodge with the most brothers represented take away the traveling gavel.

When taken to another Lodge, the whereabouts must be communicated to the current presiding District Deputy Grand Master of Onondaga District.

Recent Movements of the Gavel