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Grand Sword Bearer June Word Article


I would like to thank you all for the congratulatory handshakes and the vote of confidence in me becoming the new Onon. District Grand lodge Staff Officer, (Sword Bearer), I can assure you that W.: Mike Cassavaw, W.: Jack Dombrowski and myself will continue the quality of Masonic education that has been established in the past, being on the education committee team for the last 2 years with our newly installed DDGM, RW Ed Sinay Jr. has given me the experience to conduct these courses.

 Congratulations to all the new officers, hopefully you all have taken the Road to the East, this course and book will be a helpful guide throughout your advancement onto the East, and when you are the sitting master this will be an extremely valuable tool, in conducting a well governed and educational meeting, that everyone will enjoy and continuing to come back to each meeting, all you need to do is (open it and read it).

 I will be scheduling the Master’s Chair Course, soon as I receive the new books. They will be mailing to all new sitting masters, to read prior to the course date, this will entice you to ask question. I have asked some RW’s to attend, so they can extend to you their past experiences. This course should be attended by all New Masters; it has a wealth of knowledge that should explain how important the Masters duties are, and ensuring a successful year.

 The MDC will continue back on Sept. 24th and continuing each 4th Wednesdays, 7:00 PM at Liverpool Lodge. Remember even though we are going into “ Darkness”, we must  continue to mentor our new brothers and keep them interested, promoting education, using it as the key in keeping this fraternity strong, holding our values to the highest degree, bring back lost traditions

I would like to thank Past DDGM, RW: Jim McNeil for a job well done. I am looking forward to working with DDGM, RW: Ed Sinay Jr. let’s all extend a hand to him as he guides this district for the next Two years.

The Masonic reading course can be a great summertime relaxation, have a wonderful summer, and stay safe.


RW: Ralph I, Haney Jr