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Brotherhood Fund April Word Article

Brethren, the Masonic Brotherhood Fund is in need of your help!   As of the end of February 2015, the participation rate for the 2014-2015 campaign in the Onondaga District stood at just 23%! Although economic times have been challenging, we all know that we have the capacity to improve our participation rate far beyond 23%.  So I’m challenging every Brother and Lodge Chairman to make a final concerted effort between now and the end of May to increase the participation level in each Lodge to 50% or more.   I also ask all of those Brethren that have not yet taken the opportunity to donate to please do so as soon as possible.  All that it takes is one person to “start the ball rolling”– so let that person be you!  If you don’t have the donation information, please contact your Lodge Brotherhood Chairman or Secretary to get the information, or contact me.  For those of you that have already contributed, we truly appreciate your support!  Charity is one of the three principal tenets of our Craft and what better way to show your support of the Craft than by a donation to the Masonic Brotherhood Fund and continue our practice of charity.

Fraternally yours,

Tom Mitchell

Onondaga District Brotherhood Fund Chairman

Tel: 315.687.9551/Cell: 315.663.6435