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Memorial April Word Article

Brethren, Greetings and Salutations! Spring is finally here! Time to put the snow blower away and get the golf clubs out.

I want to thank everyone for the fantastic turnout we had for the March 12th Tri-Meeting between Memorial, Nortrip and Tully Lodges. I especially want to thank VW Bill Toth for his inspirational talk. It was great to build the Fellowship between our Lodges.

On March 26th, we conducted our second Entered Apprentice Degree for the Masonic Year. We Initiated five new Brothers into our Craft. I would particularly like to thank our newest Officers that participated in conducting their First Entered Apprentice Degree.

On Thursday, April 9th, it will be Move Up Night at Memorial Lodge! I get to take the night off and watch my Officers demonstrate their skills at a higher position. Our work of the evening will be the Historical Lecture.  If anyone has any Entered Apprentice they would like to bring, please do so.

On Thursday, April 23rd at 7:30pm it will be Awards Night. This is a Public Meeting. Please come and help us recognize our Brothers, as we celebrate their years in our fraternity. There will be a Ham Dinner prior to the Awards Ceremony at 6:15.  The cost will be $15. Please RSVP to myself at the contact information below.

            I continue to encourage any brother who is interested in getting involved in our various programs to reach out and contact me.  I can always be reached at my cell number (484) 769-2039 or my email: .