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Jordan Word Article

Greetings Brothers! Spring is here and Easter is not far away, it’s time to put those winter doldrums behind us and become part of,  and enjoy, the annual re-awakening! We are looking forward to the return of our “snow birds” to say the least. They are a vital part of our lodge and we sure miss them. To that point, I am saddened to say that we had to postpone the 3rd Degree we had originally scheduled for March 7th because of the several roles and/or stations we could not fill when our numbers are reduced in the winter. We look forward to rescheduling as soon as possible once our snow birds begin coming home to roost for a while!

Although we were disappointed, I think there is a lesson we should take away from this. It’s time for many of us, including myself, who have been content to let our veterans  fill several of the important roles/stations related to the 3rd Degree, to step up and learn them. Especially some of the key roles in the Hiramic Legend! There’s no question that we have many Brothers who are quite capable of learning these roles, it’s just that we have grown complacent because we had Brothers who were already so good at it. I look forward to a good discussion on this at an upcoming communication.

Our new aprons have arrived and I have to say that they are really quite nice. They bring a fresh new look to our meetings and I think our returning Brothers will be pleased at what they see. On another bright note, we are in the planning stages for another Brother Bring a Friend event sometime in the early May timeframe. Last year’s BBF event was a real success and resulted in a nice influx of new Master Masons. Something we would definitely like to repeat!

The next MWD (Masters, Wardens, & Deacons) meeting is set for April 30th. The reason I bring it up here is that I would encourage any Brothers, officer or not, to attend these meetings. They provide an opportunity to meet fellow Masons from throughout the district, find out what’s going on in the other lodges in our district, and just enjoy an informal learning experience. In the meantime, keep an eye on your email for more information on a 3rd degree and a BBF night, and I hope to see you at our next communication!