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Memorial Jan. Word Article

Brothers it’s the beginning of another New Year.  It’s a time when we all reflect and think... What would I like to change?  Maybe it’s to exercise, lose weight or spend more time with your family. Whatever your resolution is, I wish you success. Persistence is the key. When you slide back into those habits you were trying to change, don’t linger on your mistakes. Just start anew. That’s what we are about...Making Good Men Better.   

I want to thank everyone for the fantastic turnout we had for the Official Visit with DDGM RW Ed Sinay Jr. and the Official Family.

 We also appreciate all of the donations for the North Syracuse Food Bank.

January 8th, at 6:30 PM, we will have a Bring a Friend Night.  We will be having Poker and Chili in the Dining Room. The Poker is just for fun and pride (no money involved). The Chili however is a different story.  We will have six Brothers cook up their best Chili recipes and we will vote on the winning batch. If you would like to be one of the chefs, please contact me. The cost is $5 for the evening.

January 22nd will be Past Masters Night featuring RW Gary Hartman. This will be a great night to come out and see the Past Masters strut their stuff.

            I continue to encourage any brother who is interested in getting involved in our various programs to reach out and contact me.  I can always be reached at my cell number (484) 769-2039 or my email: .