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Philo - Mt. Sinai January Word Article

My Brothers,

I have some difficult news to share with you.  We have been informed by the Fayetteville Masonic Club that our Annual Rent will be increasing.  While we can currently sustain the increase, we would have to increase our Annual Dues on our non-Life Members unduly in order to maintain our residence in Fayetteville.  Life Members from pre-consolidation of Philo and Mount Sinai Lodges cannot have their dues increased except voluntarily.  While we have tried to remediate some of the financial concerns coming, I don't find it proper to burden the regular members excessively.  We have some hard choices to make, My Brothers, and they are necessary.  I apologize to you, My Brothers, for stating this in such a public forum, but it is the best way to ensure you will receive it.

In this season, please consider donating to the Brotherhood Fund, and the many worthy charities it supports.  You may add a donation to your dues check, if you will designate the amount and the charity to be funded.

Due to a software issue, the Dues Notices are, and will be, late, as we have been unable to print them.

May you all have a joyous, healthy, and prosperous holiday season!


Sincerely and Fraternally,

W David Golding