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Memorial Lodge October Word Article

Greetings my brothers, we had a great first month in September. 

I would like to thank all of the brothers who came out and supported our table lodge/brother bring a friend event this year.  The slide show of pictures of all of our Brothers over the years was a great hit.

Thanks to all the brothers who supported our fund raiser for the Scottish Rite Kick-Off dinner; with the help of some very dedicated brothers we were able to prepare and serve 40 dinners.

Our second meeting in September was Ritual Jeopardy. We had a great time and increased our knowledge about our Fraternity.

Looking forward to October, don’t forget the Grand Lecturer’s Convention at Memorial Lodge on October 3rd. Our first meeting in October will be the First Degree on the 9th. We have a number of Petitions and look forward to bringing in our new Brothers.  Our second meeting will be an Open meeting on Oct 23rd. This will be our Karaoke & Costume Party Dinner! This is open to all Brother’s, wives and friends! We will have a dinner that will be followed up by open Karaoke Night. The cost will be $15.  Please send your reservation to JW John Newlon at (315) 399-0005 or . You don’t have to sing, just come and enjoy the fellowship!

            I continue to  encourage any brother who is interested in getting involved in our various programs to reach out and contact me.  I can always be reached at my cell number (484) 769-2039 or my email: .