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Fort Brewerton Lodge October Word Article

Brethren; Fort Brewerton Lodge #256 Embroidered t-Shirts have arrived, cost is $10 each. They come in blue and green.  Ideally each brother could purchase one of each color so that we can coordinate when we go to events as a lodge.  Additionally, we had some fishing spoon lures made with the Masonic Symbol on them.  The cost for each is $5.  Contact the Worshipful Master to purchase either of them.

The Master and his family, along with Brother Adam from our lodge attended Grand Master’s Day @ Syracuse Chiefs ballpark on Aug 31.  We saw a great baseball game, and enjoyed fellowship with our brother Masons and their families from around the area.    Sept. 1: Fort Brewerton’s day to run Safety ID booth at the NYS Fair, my thanks goes out to Brother Adam, Brother Scott, Brother Kim, my wife Beth, and my daughter Sarah for helping out that day.  The attendance was way up with $1 day at the fair.  Brother Scott Magill has also stepped up to serve on the Safety ID committee for the District, please thank him for taking on this important task.  Brother Scott was also at the Safety ID booth at the fair for several more days with his new responsibilities.

Sept.12 was our first meeting back with our service of Rededication Program for the Lodge.  It was a very moving and impressive service.  I like to thank everyone who stepped up and took a part to make it a great success. 

Sept. 26, was Brother Bring a Friend Night, where we entertained a few potential candidates.  Sept. 27 & 28 was the Central Square Apple Festival we had an information booth to generate some interest in the lodge.  We also sold fishing lures to raise a little for the lodge.  SW, Brother Scott did a great job taking charge of the booth.  Thanks goes out to all of the brothers, friends, and families that took a shift and/or helped out.

Upcoming activities.   It would be great to have a few more brothers from our lodge participate in these activities.  Please come if you are able.

Oct.3:  GLC Memorial Lodge – Dinner 6pm, Convention 7pm.  It is a free dinner! Let’s have a good attendance from the lodge this year.

Oct. 10:  Lodge meeting - Practice & game night w/ Masonic Quizzes!  Come & let the Master test your knowledge about Free & Accepted Masonry and other Masonic trivia.

Oct. 24:  Official Visit at Fort Brewerton.  Dinner & Food bank donation.  Please bring a non-perishable food item which will be donated to the Brewerton Food Pantry.   I am planning a Spaghetti Dinner at a cost of $10/pp.  Again, I would be greatly honored if all the brothers of this lodge living in the area would come out for this meeting.

Oct. 29:  MWD meeting 7:30pm @ Memorial Lodge.  All brother Masons are invited.  Come and get involved with your brothers from around the district.

See you in Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally, David Childress