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Fayetteville Central City Lodge September Word Article

Greetings My Brothers,

To say that the summer months have blitzed by word be a tremendous understatement! Clear skies, warm weather, and fraternal fellowship really make the days soar by…. But that is not to say that we haven’t been extremely hard at work at FCC #305. This summer has seen a tremendous amount done; both structurally and organizationally. Our new officers and newly appointed trustees have buckled in and really went to work for the benefit of our lodge building and our lodge as a whole.

Our lodge’s entryway renovation project has all but completed with only a few minor touch-ups to be addressed. I implore all of our brothers to stop by and take a look at the transformation; it is an impressive sight. The Brothers involved have put a lot of work, time, and energy in and we are all proud and thankful for their efforts and stewardship of the project.

Looking forward, FCC #305 has our Official Visit on Sept. 16th. As it customary we will be meeting a Kirby’s in Fayetteville before our visit for dinner as to welcome our DDGM RW.: Sinay and his team to our lodge for the Grand Master’s message. From what I understand, there promises to be some surprises in store for us! Also keep a lookout for our announcement for Brother Bring A Friend Night and FCC Table Lodge (That’s right, I said it, TABLE LODGE!) This year we aim to return to some traditions that have been sidelined for far too long.

I look forward to my service in the East this upcoming year and hope to see some old faces and of course some new ones join us as we embark on our journey through the Masonic year.

Until next time Brothers, I’ll see you on the level…

W.: Dan Campis