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Memorial Lodge September Word Article

Greetings from the East my brothers and welcome to the beginning of our New Masonic Year.  My officers and I are committed to make this Masonic year fun, interesting and educational. 

This year’s theme for the year is ‘More Masonry in Men”.  We have designed many programs around this theme and encourage our brothers to come back to lodge and participate in our many activities. My officer’s and I have tried to create a Trestleboard that is both educational and interesting.

            Our year starts with our Table Lodge/Brother Bring-A-Friend on September 11th and we will be doing something a little different. We will be having our traditional “Festive Board” which includes our traditional 7-course dinner and appropriate beverages for toasts. We also will have a continuous slide presentation during the evening with pictures of Brothers, Events and Masonic Information. The cost for the dinner is $15. Please send your RSVP in to Bro. John Newlon at (315) 399-0005.

            Our second meeting in September will be on September 25th and will be a tiled meeting. The topic that evening will be Ritual Jeopardy. Part of every meeting should contain Masonic Education but who says education can’t be fun. I invite you to come out and test your knowledge of our Ritual and History.           

I encourage any brother who is interested in getting involved in our various programs to reach out and contact me.  I can always be reached at my cell number (484) 769-2039 or my email: .