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Fort Brewerton Lodge September Word Article

Dear Brethren; I would first like to thank you for the honor and privilege that you have bestowed upon me through my election to Master of the Lodge.  I will do my best to fulfill my duties as Master and promote Free Masonry.  I would also like to thank all of my officers of the lodge for taking their chairs.  Great thanks and appreciation also goes out to Kim for his many years of leadership as Master of the Lodge.


Although the Lodge has been dark during the summer, the brothers have been active in some fun events over the summer.  Our last Masonic year ended with our annual picnic at brother Herb’s party barn in June, a great time was had by all who attended.  Thank you brother Herb for letting us have our picnic at your beautiful location on the lake.  Brother Adam, my wife Beth, and I attended St. John’s weekend held at the Masonic Campus in Utica, NY.  It was a very nice event and the campus is beautiful.  I encourage all brothers to go down and visit if they have a chance.  Several brothers attended the Shrine/Mason Night at Brewerton Speedway in July.  Brother Kim and his wife Beth attended the District Apron Presentation in August.  Brother Lin and I attended the Fort Brewerton/Greater Oneida Lake Chamber of Commerce – Scholarship Awards Recognition Ceremony in August.  The Lodge gave away 4 Scholarship awards to deserving students from Paul V. Moore High School who will be attending college in the fall.


Fort Brewerton Lodge #256 Embroidered t-Shirts have been ordered and will be arriving shortly, cost is $10 each.


The leadership has been busy planning events for the year.  Here is what is on the schedule for the next couple of months.  Aug 31 is Grand Master’s Day @ Syracuse Chiefs ballpark.  Tailgating before the game, meet the Grand Master, and watch the baseball game!  Great family event, come join us – my family and I will be there.  Advanced purchase required see District Officer’s article for details.  Sept. 1: Fort Brewerton’s day to run Safety ID booth at the NYS Fair. Take a 4 hr shift and admission to the fair is free.  I will be calling to fill schedule.  Sept.12 is our first meeting back; we will be having a Rededication Program for the Lodge.  The purpose is to return each of us to that spirit of dedication which stirred us all when we first took our Degrees.  The program involves the obligation, working tools, and charge for each of the Degrees, along with special music.  I would like our lodge brothers to perform all of the parts.  But, if I am unable to fill all I will get some assistance from the district.  I would be greatly honored if all the brothers of this lodge living in the area would come out for this meeting.  I will be calling for parts and to encourage you to attend.  If you need a ride to lodge that evening, please let me know, and I will gladly find someone to bring you.  Sept. 26:  Brother Bring a Friend Night.  Sept. 26, 27, & 28:  Central Square Apple Festival we will be having an information booth.  Brother Scott has agreed to take charge of this and he needs your help, please text or call him at 632-8165. Oct.3:  GLC Memorial Lodge – Dinner 6pm, Convention 7pm.  Let’s have a good attendance from the lodge this year.

Oct. 10:  Lodge meeting - Practice & game night w/ Masonic Quizzes!  Oct. 11 & 12:  LaFayette Apple Festival – Our Brothers at Tully Lodge need our help running there annual fundraise – any time donated will be greatly appreciated by them.  Oct. 24:  Official Visit at Fort Brewerton.  Dinner & Food bank donation.  Again, I would be greatly honored if all the brothers of this lodge living in the area would come out for this meeting.

As you can see we have many Educational and Fun activities planned involving the Lodge.  I encourage you to attend as many as possible.  I thank you in advance for your donations of your time, talent, and money which will make this an enjoyable and meaningful year for this Lodge and District.

Sincerely and Fraternally, David Childress