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Jordan Lodge September Word Article

It is an honor and privilege to be able to say “Greetings Brothers” for the first time as Master of Jordan Lodge #386. Of course it would not have been the first time if I had submitted an article on time for the June issue of The Word. An oversight for which I apologize. While I feel some “angst” as I contemplate the coming year I take heart in the fact that I will be among some real veterans who are willing to share their wisdom and insights and I plan to take full advantage of that!

First and foremost for those who were not able to be at the election/installation let me introduce the officers for the 2014-2015 year:

Master – Bro John Pinckney

Senior Warden – Bro Todd  Platten

Junior Warden – Bro Bob Kimberly

Secretary – VW Joe Maslak

Treasurer – Bro Gale Mitchell

Senior Deacon – Bro John Meixner

Junior Deacon – Bro Adam Novak

Sr Master of Ceremonies – W Dave Baird DSA

Jr Master of Ceremonies – Bro Ed Bailey

Chaplain – W Dan Holden

Tiler – W Don Tyler

Marshall – TBD


The coming Masonic year promises to be a busy one for our lodge! We have 6 new brothers we will be raising to the 3rd degree at an early point in the year, we will be staffing the fish fry booth at the annual Jordan Fall Festival, and we will be putting on our annual Harvest Supper in October and annual Super Bowl Sunday chicken barbecue in February. In addition , lest we forget who we are,  a plethora of Masonic activity. Work on ritual, degrees (hopefully several), programs, and, if we can twist RW Bruce Chilton’s arm again, another Brother Bring a Friend night. The fact that we have 6 new brothers attests to the fine job he did putting on one for us last year.  Rumor has it that we still have some “carry over” interest from that BBF night.

We were proud to, once again, participate in the Memorial Day parade in Jordan this year and we had a great turnout! There were brothers in antique cars, on motorcycles, walking, and riding on the float. We received many positive comments during and after the parade. Between members of our lodge, the Shrine motor patrol, and the Shrine color guard we made up about a block long portion of the parade. Masonry was well represented on Memorial Day in Jordan and we can all take pride in that!

RW Ed Sinay Jr., our new DDGM, is starting some new initiatives this year. There are several but I will address just two of them: He is trying to encourage inter lodge visitations by offering incentives for Masters and Wardens (and all brothers for that matter) to visit several other lodges, or ideally, all lodges in the Onondaga district. Becoming more familiar with other lodges’ members and activities will help create a stronger sense of “community” in our district. He is also asking each lodge in the district to appoint  a Blood Drive Chairman who will compile a list of willing donors to share with the other lodge chairmen. The end goal being to create a visible Masonic presence in support of this very worthwhile effort by putting on some district blood drives. The first of which may have already taken place at Morning Star Lodge as you read this.  By the way, I recently sent out an email looking for a volunteer to act as chairman for our lodge and I would really love to hear from someone. I know that email doesn’t reach all our members and that is why I mention it here.

As of the time this issue of The Word is published I hope to have met with our wardens and deacons in an effort to establish an agenda for the coming year and get a trestle board printed. It will have to be fairly flexible because, even as we anticipate some new brothers, we don’t know how many and when we will be able to start degree work with them. Not at all what I would consider a bad thing since new membership is the life blood of any lodge. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm from last year’s candidates and their mentors who have guided them through the process up to this point, and I look forward to more of the same.

RW Roger Novak asked me to remind everyone that he will be looking for volunteers to man the Masonic Safety ID booth at this year’s Jordan Fall Festival. Contact him of myself  if you are available.

In closing I want to urge all of you to continue or renew your commitment to Jordan Lodge and the Onondaga District in an effort to make this a banner year. I also want to give a “tip of the hat” to our outgoing Master W Tim Burns for a great job. He brought some new wrinkles to our way of performing important functions such as installation and service award nights which have increased family involvement in these and many other lodge activities. He also pioneered some new and innovative means of communication which have proved very effective when there is a need to disseminate information to the entire lodge, and since I have no shame when it comes to using someone else’s good ideas, I intend to  make use of those same tools.

WM John Pinckney