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Morning Star 524 March Word Article


Greetings to all.  This winter has been brutal on all of us so far with this bitter cold spell.  Hopefully we’ll be able to thaw out a little shortly.  On Monday March 3rd we have our Official Visit from the DDGM.  Your attendance would be more than appreciated to welcome him to our home.  On St. Patrick’s Day Monday March 17th, it’s the wearing of your best Irish outfit to Lodge.   Please come dressed up for some fun at lodge.  On Wednesday March 19th we will be going to Skaneateles Lodge to do a 3rd Degree with them as we have a candidate to conifer also.  Everyone’s help would be much appreciated if you can attend.  Unless you hear differently it will commence at 1930hrs (7:30).  Check Skaneateles’s article to confirm it please. 

It’s nice having a new member being brought to light but it’s our duty as Masons to find good men so that we can make them better men.  Try and find worthy Friends that would make good Masons.  I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman during a meeting.   He saw my ring and shook my hand so that I would know him to be a Mason.  Just to make sure, I then asked him if he was a Brother and he said yes he belongs to Konosioni .  It meant a lot to me that he made sure I knew we were Brothers.  We’re out there but there aren’t enough of us.  We ALL need to step up and bring in new Brothers.

For those Brothers that would like to attend meetings but can’t get out for whatever reason we are here for you.  It’s up to you to call us and let us know.  We will gladly give your wife a couple of hours of free time from you.  Just call us and we will pick you up and bring you home.  HONESTLY, we don’t mind.  Hope to see everyone at lodge in the future.


Ron Orman