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AGL January Word Article

Brethren we would like to start off by thanking you for the great turnout for the Grand Lecturer’s Convention, and would like to thank the brothers who took part in exemplifying our ritual; as well as the brothers from Memorial Lodge for hosting. We had 106 brothers come out for the Convention which was very educational for all, especially our young brothers and made this year’s convention a huge success. Konosioni Lodge took home the attendance, most improved, Potts Award and the Travelling Gavel followed by Memorial Lodge with the Travelling Trowel. Rounding off the top five were Fayetteville/Central City, Seneca River and Jordan Lodge.

My Brothers we are encouraged by the ritual work being done by some of our lodges especially the work being done by our young brothers who are putting in the time and effort to learn our ritual. We need to continue to encourage and provide support and guidance to them as they work on learning our Ritual. Remember they are the future of our beloved Craft, and you can never have too many brothers who know the several parts of our Ritual.

On another note your AGL’s have been busy visiting lodges and working with you at your degree rehearsals, as well as observing your degrees. Remember practice, practice and more practice is the difference between mediocrity and an excellently exemplified degree. So keep up the good work and keep us busy. We would also like to remind those lodges that have yet to contact us to observe their Edict Degree to do so as soon as possible. As time is going by fast and before you know it the Masonic year will be over.

As always your AGL’s are here and ready to assist you with learning the ritual work, so don’t hesitate to call upon us. May the Great Architect keep you all Safe especially our Service Men and Woman who are in harms way protecting the Freedoms we enjoy.

Bill Toth

Gabe Iza